Facebook Academy. Information Security and Mobile Development internship.

Information Security

I had the opportunity to learn the basics of information security. Included prevention techniques for well known security flaws such as CSRF attacks, SQL Injection, Clickjacking. Also helped launch Facebook's first open-source security training: CSF.

Mobile Development

Part of the internship involved forming teams and making a marketable app - Marketing strategies and market research. I developed the app, Xpress.The app allows you scan the barcode of an item in a grocery store and check it out using Apple Pay. The app currently works with any items from Walmart using Walmart LabsOnce you purchase something, you can create account to get your receipt e-mailed to you and keep track of your purchases. The app uses Google Firebase to keep track of users and purchases.

The Pitch

I also had the chance to pitch the app to a board at Facebook!